Interview with Disaro

Tell us about Disaro. What does Disaro mean to you? Where does the name come from?
That’s a good question… what does it mean to me? I guess it means putting out music that I really get into and letting all other people know about it. The name Disaro comes from nothing, I was smoking some weed outside and I was thinking of something that meant nothing – and so I stuck with Disaro.

How come you decided to release music and when did it all begin?
I thought that everything I was listening to sounded amazing and no label would put it out and at that time I was making shit music and so I said I’ll release it. It all started back in 2007 after I had just left another label here in Houston.

What do you do besides releasing music?
I do some photography, I go to shows and I travel a lot.

What are your favorite releases on Disaro? Which releases are you most proud of?
So far out of all that I have released I would have to say the SalemFuCKT CD-R, the The Love Campaign CD-R, the Muscle Drum CD-R, the Passions CD-R and the oOoOO CD-R. I still have a few that haven’t been released yet that I know will be new favorites. I guess I’m really proud of Passions, oOoOO, White Ring (next month) & Salem.

What is it that you like about Owleyes' artwork? How do you know each other?
I like that I never know what's going to come from him and he always surprises me with cool images that he has worked on. He also does the new logo for Disaro, although we both collab on that one. I've known Owleyes since he finished high school, and we have a lot of the same friends.

How do you decide which bands you want to work with? How do you find them?
It's hard to say, it's not a certain sound that I look for, but it's gotta be new and done well and when I say new I mean like a whole new vibe. I find them because I listen to a lot of different bands and music. A lot, A LOT.

How come you only release on CD-R's?
I do CD-R's because it can be that rare piece that you won't find in stores and if it’s coming from Disaro it's always limited. For true music heads. But CD-R's arent forever...

Your most well known artist must be Salem. How did you get in touch with them? Did you realise their potential immediately?
I found out about Salem through Owleyes. Both him and Salem were living in Chicago and he talked to them, sent me the SalemOwleyes CD-R and I couldnt stop listening to it for over a month. I talked to Salem and I put the first and the second CD-R out by them as soon as I got it.

Some of the artists on Disaro are starting to get recognized and releasing music on other labels. How do you feel about that? Do you have any deals with the artists?
That’s how it's suppose to go. Disaro is nothing major. I have a good ear for music, so if the BIG INDIE labels don’t know where to get it, they can look at all the small labels that have much better music. And no, I do not set up deals with bands.

Do you think you've created a scene with your imagery and art that can be found on MySpace?
I don’t think that I’ve started a scene, but I do hope I’ve made people pay more attention to doing it yourself.

What is the single worst choice you've made when it comes to Disaro?
The worst choice I've made with Disaro was teaming up with another label for a release. BAD IDEA.

What can we expect from you in the future? Any new projects you want to tell us about?
Expect really good music and special things to come.

What makes you sad?

Images submitted by Disaro.

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